SmHotstuff - the subsidiary of Steve Mille

Established in early 2022, following the success of the brands in the holding company -STEVE MILLE INC PTE. LTD, We are a group of young designers from all over the world who have previously brought you luxury, sophistication, and elegance through our products. We are currently attracted to creative, trendy stuff that may give you a new experience with our company.

One day, we had a party at our mate's new house. We began drinking and talking, but the atmosphere was quite cloudy, and when they got drunk, they began to sit in contemplation. We came home that day with one thought: why don't we create something to bring people together? Something that will make parties more enjoyable than ever before? Apart from enjoying a drink, we'll have a great time together this way.

Then, we decided to establish Smhotstuff with the goal of bringing more high-quality, interesting, fun, and convenient products to a wider range of customers, not just Apple users. We gained our first customers, and desire to bring joy to more people! 

Follow us! Our humor and creativity will bring you products that make your life so much more interesting!!