At the beginning of 2019 in the United Kingdom, our firm was initially established in a tiny garret. We are a group of young designers from all over the world drawn to gorgeous and glittery styles.

One day, a team member voiced concern about not having accessories to match her fancy dress. We toss and turn every night with a burning desire in our hearts: “Why don’t we create a revolutionary looking for the accessories? “Using a variety of precious stones?” If we find an answer, my friend and all of the other women out there will shine in their unique way, whether in a sparkling dress or an elegant suit.

However, most people think of pricey and expensive gemstones when it comes to jewelry. That is because preceding jewelry products were typically handcrafted from precious metals and natural gemstones, making their costs unaffordable for most users.

This concern is no longer an issue. With the most advanced electroplating technology and artificial gemstones manipulation in the world, we can now manufacture jewelry in large-scale production in a way that can make it gorgeous, as if it were made of premium material, but at a reasonable price.

Moreover, Abiding Shield technology has been applied to our manufacturing lines, making our products even more durable. In that way, we moved forward, gained our first clients, and have expanded today.

Now, we have moved our headquarters to Singapore, where we advantage from several tax deductions and a favorable economic environment, enabling us to produce superior products at a better price.

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Our long journey has just started!